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Sky’s the limit for TV careers

Top broadcaster journalist Andrew Wilson gave career tips to students on how to get into TV when he visited Bournemouth University last week.

Wilson, who has covered international stories for Sky News all over the world – most recently the conflict in Libya – was talking at One World Media event.

He spoke of his varied career path, including service in the armed forces and working for an environmental pressure group.

Wilson also showed students images of him doing a “piece to camera” despite a tank rolling ominously towards him in a war zone.

“Some people are very well known established network reporters who pit themselves in Chechnya when everything was happening, making themselves available to make reports for around the world”, he said.

“English and American radio don’t have the funds to send people to those places, but it is high risk.”

“I know very established freelance film makers and I still have to give them somewhere to stay because their companies have decided not to pay for their hotel.”

“Like anything there is a lot of luck involved, journalism for the most part is about teamwork, other people learning to work with others as well as by yourself”, Wilson added.

“If you are good and determined then it should be only a matter of time before someone pays you to do it.”

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